“It Takes A Man and A Woman”

Poster for It Takes A Man and A Woman

As a Filipino living here in the US, there are a few creature comforts that I miss from home.  The warm weather, the Filipino street food, a good Inihaw, company of family and friends. As far a Filipino films go, I’m very finicky as some of them sorry to say, tend to be corny for my taste (sorry if I offend the Filipino public).  But Star Cinema for me cuts the cake ever since they released back in 2008 A Very Special Love starring Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz.  The film became a box office hit not only in the Philippines but also to fans worldwide. Select US cinema’s were very generous to screen their films on a given weekend.

The story of Laida Magtalas ( Sarah Geronimo) and of Miggy Montenegro ( John Lloyd Cruz) has tickled the hearts of many fans, creating successful venture in film romance that created a sequel ” You Changed My Life” in 2009. Many clamored for a 3rd installment of the storyline of the Editorial Assistant turned girlfriend of the once hard hearted, overly ambitious  and wealthy Miggy Montenegro. However Sarah had many commitments at that time (with tours, concerts and a variety show) and felt that the story came to a closure after the 2nd film. Fast forward to 2013, Star Cinema and Viva Films due to huge fan request decided to create the final book for this love story.

What I love about the storyline of ” It Takes A Man and a Woman” though it has some mushy romantic overtones, is that they gave us a realistic story of the ups and downs of a relationship.  As for those who watched the trailer. Laida leaves the Philippines to work abroad only to return to catch Miggy in the arms of his ex-girlfriend.  Some years later Laida has matured into a very successful career woman that is asked to assist in expanding Flippage, the company where it all started for Miggy and Laida.

Horton Plaza Cinema during the Screening of ” It Takes A Man and A Woman”

It also helps that as a Communication Arts major, the fact they focused the setting of the film in a publisher and advertising standpoint, I wanted to see how very real would the writers would incorporate the craziness  working in the media industry… the sleepless nights, the long shoots, clash of ideas, the creative process all of which took me back home to the Philippines and the craft I missed when I watched the film.

Horton Plaza Cinema in San Diego Screening of It Takes A Man And A Woman

The cinema in Horton Plaza, San Diego was packed on the Saturday mid afternoon of its viewing. By the time the 6:00 PM show started, a long line was waiting for us to leave the cinema. Last time I watched a Filipino film there were no subtitles, this time they were generous enough to provide one for the movie for Fil-Ams with limited Tagalog.

I have to say I loved the film,  and though there were a few production flaws I caught ( they made a few scenes in New York and some of the foreign hire actors look very uncomfortable with theur roles) I love the comedy of it all that burst the cinema into laughter.  To got some of the jokes, one would need to watch the first 2 installments.

Laida told us also a story of how many Filipino OFW’s in the US struggled in establishing themselves, sharing a life I similarly live and still do, such as rooming/renting,  the biter cold winters, going to the laundry mat after a long day of work, and dealing with a different work culture.

Then it tells the story of forgiveness and falling in love again and the friendship of those around you that left me with a warm fuzzy feeling that still lingers as I type today’s article.  If you haven’t watch the films, I suggest you do and for those unfamiliar with their love story, find a copy of  ” A Very Special Love” and see your self fall inlove with Laida and Miggy


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