My First WonderCon

WonderCon 2013 at the Anehiem Convention Center March 29-31

Happy Post Easter Weekend and a Happy April Fools to all.

While some of my friends have been busy doing Easter Egg hunt at parks or relatives homes, I decided to spend my holiday weekend at in Anaheim, CA staying at the marvelous DoubleTree Anaheim Suites just across from Disneyland. I was given a complimentary pass by a friend to WonderCon which was being held at the Anaheim Convention Center.

WonderCon is part of the Comic Con Convention families and traditionally, WonderCon is often help in San Francisco’s Moscone center. However in the past 2 years, due to scheduling conflicts and renovations at the Moscone, the city of Anaheim has welcomed it’s close to 40,000 attendees much to delight of vacationers that can easily hop to Disneyland or California Adventure Theme park which was literally across the street from the center.

DC posters and artwork displays

DC posters and artwork displays

During my 3 hour walk of the convention ( I had made other commitments to meet with my pals in Disney) WonderCon was really more about the comics and graphic novels, as compared to the bigger ComicCon that is a mixture of movies, gaming, visual arts and more.  What I love about WonderCon its doesn’t have that hectic, crowded drama as that of Comic Con. There was a very relaxed atmosphere about it. But then again half the crowd was probably in Disneyland after doing their thing at the convention center.


But I actually like how WonderCon was focused more on the comics side of their audience.  I was very surprised to even see Stan Lee in a small obscure booth giving limited signatures and photo ops. Bruce Campbell and the Evil dead team were there.


The big booths were DC, Nitendo and Capcom. And of course no comic convention would be complete without a few Darth Vaders, Storm Troopers and other Star Wars cosplay fans walking around, each custume more impressive than the other.


It was a shame I was not able to attend panels such as of DC’s Jim Lee and Warner Bro’s Guillermo del Torro promoting their new film Pacific Rim. There were special seminars in costume/cosplay creation for Jedi and several panels on TV production and writing.

Wonder Woman and Bat Girl Cosplayers

But the main showcase of WonderCon are their colorful attendees of cosplayers. I personally loved this older dude dressed as Obi Wan Kenobi, and very good too.


I was able to snag a few freebies from the Nitendo booth, especially a cool Wii tote bag.


Personally I’m saving up my Con spending for Comic Con since my company pretty much works with the San Diego Convention center and I get early dibs to get into the halls. However, I did indulged myself with a beautiful Dragon ring from a steampunk booth. I was eying a pendant too but unfortunately parking in Anaheim costs an arm and a leg so I need to wait till July for my other trinkets.


If the fates decide to have WonderCon again in Anaheim in 2014, Ill be sure to drop by and make it my new geek tradition.


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