The Sony Playstation 4 (PS4) Announcement

PS4 arriving Holiday 2013

PS4 arriving Holiday 2013

It was with great anticipation today at 6:00 PM EST in an event in New York City that Sony announced its long awaited reveal for their newest child console  the Playstation 4.

Playstation 4 Interface breakdownThere has been quite a buzz about what new features PS4 will bring to the table given the low sales and some disappointing reviews about Sony’s hand held portable the PSP Vita.

Playstation 4 focuses on using social media and networking into its full capacity, the use of Remote Play and a Share Button located at the controller that allows you to share your game in Real Time. A demo of the new menu interface shows how a user can tag 10 seconds of live gameplay which with the Share button you can upload to social media and share with friends.

Game Developers for Sony Playstation 4Capcom, Square Enix, Blizzard, Braid

Game Developers for Sony Playstation 4
Capcom, Square Enix, Blizzard, Braid

Remote Play will also allow you to ask friends online, in Facebook and other Social Media app to ask for help and even finish a game for you. Promising that the connectivity interface and ability to share is to be simplified and consumer inspired by allowing independent game makers and developers to share and create and publish titles by have control of creative personalized interface as shown with Braid’s game The Witness.

The Muve controller can also be used as a sculpting tool, a paintbrush of sorts for 3D modeling using the Creative Console features. This is a good news for Sony to start reaching out to Indie developers.

Sony revealed a list of game developers and companies that has committed in creating games for the PS4. But no one was more surprised to see Blizzard‘s Chris Metzen to announce Diablo 3 to be available for PS4 . And with that he promises ” A strategic partnership that will take over the world.” In addition they introduced a 4 co-op mode for seamless play with friends.  This sparks question if other Blizzard titles such as Starcraft and Warcraft will later on be developed for PS4?

Dual Shock 4 controller and mystery accessory

Dual Shock 4 controller and mystery accessory

Before we can get more onto the details. Lets answer some basic questions.

When will it be released:  Holiday 2013 How Much:  There are 2 reported prices $429  and $529
Can I play PS1 PS2 and 3 Games: No integrated games of the older consoles but PS1 PS2 games will be downloadable and playable through Playstations Network Cloud Technology
Key Features: Share button on Dual Shock 4 controller, ability to tag videos of your gameplay and share to Facebook, other social media and streaming sites ( UStream and Youtube)

You can also continue to play from your PS4 console and transfer/resume on to your tablet (in this case a Sony Tablet) and PS Vita and smartphone.

Yes. There is BlueRay

What does it look like?  There was a very brief view of the console accessories. So far, they only previewed the controller which has an integrated touchpad, share button and stereo camera. Like the PS3 the controller is wireless but was shown to have a cord connected to the console (hidden off cam)

Memory: 8GB Memory
system Memory: GDDR5 Double Data Rate version 5
Secondary Custom Chip

A few of the  titles for PS 4 previewed and demoed:

UBISOFT – Watchdog
Blizzard- Diablo
Sony Playstation  – Knack
Capcom – Working title “Deep Down”  under Phanta Rhe engine
Suckerpunch – Second Son
Evolution Studios – Drive Club

A special trailer video of “Deep Down” can be viewed here

closeup of the character graphics in the PS4 Console thats shows realistic human emotion

closeup of the character graphics in the PS4 Console thats shows realistic human emotion as explained by David Cage

My favorite part of the reveal is the HD gameplay graphics and character “emotions”.  An example shown by David Cage (Quantic Dreams)  the high def polycounts of a character that can show emotions through their eyes and more fluid, realistic facial expresions by lighting and 3D depth of field. In the game Drive Club, the seaming of a race car’s interior was very defined down to the thread.

At the shows end , Sony promised more details about PS4 to be released in the next coming months and in conventions such as PAX and possibly E3Con.   The web so far have mixed reviews about the PS4 ambitious simplified user interface and multiformat play platforms, however to see the list of big name game developers such as Blizzard and Bungie and opening the market to indie game publishers who dedicated to create downloadable user contents and expansions soley for PS4  predicts a possible bright future for the ailing console market.

There is much hope for Sony’s aim “To be the leading authority on play.” One can pray that they follow through their great promises.


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