Here Comes the Bridesmaid!

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My friend Nicky broke the news that her current beau’s family is in talks of doing a formal Pamamanhikan. For my foreign readers out there, Pamamanhikan is a traditional gesture of Filipino couples family to meet and formally announce the couple’s engagement. Normally it is the man’s family that comes to the girls house to ask for the formal blessing and once all proper greetings are given, the engagement party follows.

She mentioned in passing that she would love me to be her brides maid but since she is in the Philippines and I’m in the US, it seems that it would be unlikely.

However I told her that I will support her via long distance on any wedding planning needs that she may have.

The important thing to start on is BUDGET.  Being I work in the Hospitality industry, I do have a some clear knowledge on when she should start and whipped her up a sample data plan with actual rates of potential venues, gowns, cakes, catering, photography/video and other basic nuptial needs.

I am very excited and happy for this big jump in her life and wish her the best. The next few months will be exciting in picking out themes and motifs for her Big Day.


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