Enjoying the 5 star Treatment at the Greystone Steakhouse


The Greystone Steakhouse Gaslamp San Diego

The Greystone Steakhouse Gaslamp San Diego


My best guypal of 7 years (who brings me some of the foods you see in my blog and owns the DLSR camera which I moochoff) was long due for his original December Birthday gift. He teased me a long time ago when he first introduced me to fine San Diego Dining, that I never once took him out or splurged on him on a real steak house.

Unfortunately back then I was supporting (and still am) my family, paying off one massive credit card, hospital bills and other financial misfortunes that fell on me. After 2 years of somewhat  carefull planning,  saved up some dinning money and snagged a coupon from Restaurant.com  I surprised him with a fancy dinner over at the Greystone Steakhouse located at the heart of the Gaslamp District in San Diego. This is only of the most highly praised and reviewed steakhouses in SD and its worth every penny I paid.

I did though do a mean trick at my friend as a bit of revenge from all the teasing I endured from him. He is very fashion conscious (I was once his date on his company party and he made me changed into 8 dresses so he would look nice)

I told him I made reservations to the restaurant and my coupon expires today. It was a lie, my coupon has no expiration date though there were restricted days I cannot use it (Valentines day, Christmas)

Greystome Steak House Steak menu

Greystome Steak House Steak menu

There was a big business convention in downtown and a lot of business owners and executives attending. The restaurant was packed with formal to business casual patrons. I called him on his gym day too. Fortunately he had jeans on.

It was not my first time at the Greystone. I’ve intended to really gas up for a meal there since my first dinner a year ago and I fell inlove with the place.

The restaurant underwent some design renovations last December and reopened on Dec 27th.

As for the menu, they never ceased to fail me. I had the Bourbon Brined Pork Chop with Braised red cabbage, whole grain mustard demi glaze and mashed ginger sweet potatoes.  He had the Filet Mignon.  Dinner was superb, the ambiance was great. it was very busy though due to the convention but I drowned it out with my dinner. He was very appreciative of the meal and was quite impressed.


I definitely would recommend the Greystone Steakhouse if you plan to treat someone special or yourself for dinner. Getting the a coupon from Restaurant.com is also a good deal and can help in cutting the bill.

Can’t wait for my next dinner there 🙂


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