Kwek a Kwek! – Journey to Filipino Food Delights

Kwek kwek are deep fried hard boiled quail eggs

Kwek kwek are deep fried hard boiled quail eggs

California is one of the major US states that is densely populated by Filipinos. If you ever visit San Diego, just drop by the Mira Mesa or National City districts and you will find yourself surrounded by various Philippine and other Asian themed supermarkets that makes any Pinoy feel closer to their culinary home land.

For most Filipinos though one thing they miss the most are the Pinoy street foods and beer foods that are often peddled at any street corner back at home. Unfortunately, foods like isaw, fishball, betamax, balut and kwek kwek are hard to find here in SoCal.  Enter a homely eatery in National City called Kalye Hits off of 8th St.  They serve various Pinoy favorites like aboved mentioned and other Pinoy Pulutan Favorites.

Over the weekend I had the weirdest cravings for Kwek Kwek.  Kwek Kwek or Orange Quail Eggs are deep fried hard boiled eggs. Other variations of the recipe use duck or chicken eggs but the small size of quail eggs and its soft creamy yolk texture is the most popular and commonly used. Kwek Kwek can be eaten as is and is popular mid afternoon snack. We would dip then in spicy vinegar mixed with finely chopped onions/garlic or with a sweet gravy sauce. Or dip it in the same sweet and sour sauce for  spring rolls.

I was very lucky that a friend of mine was in Kalye Hits last Friday and I offered to pay him a few bucks for a tray of freshly fried Kwek Kwek.   Since the quail eggs are so small come out slightly larger than tater tots and are easy to snack on.   There are many variations of the recipe you can find online and youtube and I should probably learn how to make some. But the team at Kalye Hits are good at what they make so I’ll gladly give them my few dollars instead everytime I have a Filipino Street food craving.



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