Do You Fancy a Lechon Kawali

Lechon Kawali with Crab Fried Rice on the background from Villa Manila Restaurant

Lechon Kawali with Crab fried rice on the background from Villa Manila Restaurant

The best of Filipino foods are often featured during the December Holidays. Not too long ago I posted on my Tumbler account about traditional Filipino Bibingka . But yesterday was when I truly had my first Pinoy Holiday meal of the season. celebrating also my friend’s birthday. We went to a Filipino Restaurant in National City called Villa Manila and ordered Lechon Kawali, also known as Deep Fried Pork Belly.

Often paired with steamed or garlic rice and dipped into vinegar mixed with a hint of soy sauce and crushed garlic with some chili or the ever popular Mang Tomas sauce. This meal is a calorie buster and would be often served during fiestas, Christmas Holidays, Weddings and other festivities.   And being it’s really, really high on calorie, fat and all those bad things that makes food so good, Lechon Kawali is really a meal of indulgence. I haven’t eaten one in 1.5 years until yesterday.  But hey they say Christmas is the season of giving, and my belly just got its first yummy gift of the season.  Happy Holiday eats y’all


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