The First Time Photographer at La Jolla Shores

Picture collage of La Jolla Shores

This Black Friday Weekend my friend bought a Nikon D3100 in red. His first DSLR camera. However, like all his new toys, he often hands them over to me for some testing, being I took a semester of Photography lessons over 8 years ago lolz (like I still remember).

Inspired by an old classmate of mine turned professional photographer, I remembered that his first few amateur shots were of tide pools and coastlines he did during a random vacation. Me and my friend trekked half a mile into La Jolla shores to reach the tide pools around 4:30 PM last Saturday. The tide was coming in fast so we have very little time to get our shots.  The experience was both painful and awesome, as he and I fell onto the slippery rocks and onto the water getting ourselves soaked, barely making it back before the tide came in.

Needless to say, I am very satisfied with the shots we took and will definitely do another one soon.  Not bad for a first time DSLR user 🙂


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