Get Stacked



Stacked in Fashion Valley Mall


One thing I love about the kickoff of Holiday season are the longer mall hours. No rushing for that 7pm or 8pm closing time. And after all that walking and shopping, it certainly builds up an appetite.

The Westfield Fashion Valley Mall is a mecca of boutiques for ones gift giving shopping spree and after the summer renovations were completed, several new restaurants now calls this mall their new home.

And no one can turn down a good burger. What’s better is no one can turn down a good burger place where you can customize the burger yourself.  That’s where Stacked comes in, as what their motto says “Food Well Built”

Stacked opened in the Fashion Valley Mall in July of 2011.  The place is HUGE and I love the wooden, rustic interior.

You are seated on a table with an Ipad menu.  The server will give you a quick lesson on how to navigate through the interactive menu where you can order your drinks, appetizers, bugers, pizza, sides and many more.  Once you say, started on your drinks and appetizers, click on the button that says ” Send to Kitchen” and your order is immediately set up. The serve time is pretty fast too.


2nd thing I love is the burger and pizza customization. I started with the Single Stacked burger. using the iPad, you can create your custom burger with a selection of buns, cheeses, sauces and sides by the simple swipe of a finger. You can have all your sections “stacked” into your burger or set to the side.

A customized single Stacked burger, custom built with applewood bacon and avocado

Their angus beef and wheat bun was the bang. It has this buttery like taste yet it doesn’t give you that oily after feel. And their criss cross potato chips, I wished I ordered more.


You can also custom built your milkshake with coice of choc chip cookie, Oreos, fudge, peanut butter, Reese and many more.


Since Stacked is part of a mall with an AMC Cinema, they also offer discount AMC movie tickets if you purchase with them. (Certain restrictions apply)

But the best of all was their custom check out. Normally when me and my friends go Dutch, we tell the server to split the bill between all of us. They have a easy custom app that lets you pay for what you ordered.


And yes they do pre-orders and pick up online. Just go to their website at   and select the closest Stacked location near you.


So if you ever pass by Fashion Valley, drop by and get Stacked.



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