Thanksgiving Prep and Drama

Thanksgiving 2012 food preparation. Using ham instead of Turkey


What are we Thankful for? Today I am prepping for my Thanksgiving meal a night early. I decided to do Honeybaked Ham with some grilled veggies and scalloped potatoes. This Thanksgiving week, I was greeted by a near tragedy of possibly losing my pet cat Felixis, a 4 year old stray tabby whom I’ve looked after since she was born behind my boiler on a October. Ham is easier to cook under 2 hours as to Turkey which can take 4. But like all major Holidays, some few dramas unfolded.

My Kitty must had a fight with another cat and has a small matted wound on his head.  he has been floppy and listless the past 2 days and when I attempted to take him to the vet, he struggled so bad, I ended up in scratches and we never made the trip. He is stronger today, possibly fighting a fever from the wound and is cozing up at my couch.

I’m Thankful for his safety and well being.  Another thing I am thankful for are my family back home in the Philippines which I miss badly.

I am spending Thankgiving this year alone, but the food I am making is not going to waste as it will be shared between me and my roommate and to my friends who will camp out for the Black Friday deals.



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