The Bachelors Lair at the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego

Collage of the room at the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego

Nothing caps the final days of a single man transitioning to matrimony where a bunch of his buddies throws him a Bachelor Party. A good friend of mine is celebrating his nephews Bachelor night. The original Vegas plan did not fall through while I was invited to the Bachelorette party of the bride. I graciously declined to attend the Bachelorette due to my hectic work sched but  made plans that the girls were well taken care of and the party was to be held in local hot spots around San Diego, reserving a loft suite at a local downtown hotel. The boys however, being ever unprepared decided to do their Bachelors night at the same city with my friend booking a suite at the hip and trendy Hard Rock Hotel San Diego located at the heart of Gaslamp San Diego.

He booked a Rockstar Suite on short notice as the change was made over  less than 24 hour period.  He had very little knowledge and luck when it comes to planning a night in downtown kind of thing and recruited my help.  Upon entering the lobby a front desk agent, I think her name was Dianne  led us to a private lounge for special Rockstar Gold members. We checked in our reservation and I asked if there was something we can do for the groom, in which the lady give a pick of several amenities. My friend choosed the free beers. Next was that I asked if we can loan one of the Fendi guitars featured all around the hotel’s interior as this is a free featured service. The groom is a bass player and this was something that he would much appreciate.

Then I made sure he and his groomsmen had VIP passes to Float a pool side lounge and to the 207 club downstairs. 207 is rumored to be the club where Astin Kutcher met the girl he cheated with his wife on.  We went up to the room and it was packed with a cool (but expectedly expensive mini bar) complete with Patron, Wine, and a selection of vodkas.

All set and all my friend had to do was to round up the rat pack for a night of fun and rememberance. Hopefully they wont go Hangover on the groom 🙂  BTW here’s a view from the room they gave us. You can see Float and the poolside down below 🙂

Hard Rock Hotel View


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