Food and Friends for Comfort


Side Dishes and Korean BBQ Grill at Manna San Diego

This week has been tough. And I was moping all day due to stress and feeling of low morale. I am glad though that I have a friend who is there for me to take me to a good barbecue place when needed.

Today a beloved boss of mine was asked to resign from the company. In the 3 years that I have worked with him, he has been my absolute mentor, he kept me in place when needed and ran the office smoothly. He had a no-nonsense attitude but was a big teddy bear to those who gets to know him more. A devoted father to his daughters and a loving husband. The sad part on the day he left, I was stuck on a meeting and I never got to say my goodbye. And I was sulking all day at the office plus the stress of now trying to figure out how to sort additional responsibilities he left behind.

My friend Ray then gave me a call, he didn’t know of my problems and out of the blue asked me out for dinner. It was to celebrate his new job after nearly 1.2 years of unemployment. He asked me where I wanted to eat and I was being modest and suggested Tender Greens. However, he wanted to go big and said if I knew were Manna is.

Manna is a franchise of  Eat-all-U-Can Korean Barbecue restaurants whose main location was in LA. Around 2011 or perhaps early 2012, they opened up their San Diego Branch located in Convoy Ave.

There is 2 selections of menu sets  per person. A $19.00 and a $24.00  The difference with the more expensive Premium set is that they carry seafood and some exotic meats (entrials, tongue). The rules are that everyone on the group must agree on a certain menu set and any left overs will be charged. The food was great and I love my serving of Kimchi sides. I specifically like the rice paper and a serving of egg that has a hot and pudding-ish texture. His comapny was just what I needed after a sad day and will make sure to return the favor in a few weeks come payday.

For those who would like to check out Manna, you can view thier location and review on Yelp at


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