HOT WEEKEND UPDATE:Good Food, Hot Shops, Great Game, Bad Heat

To most people they would say I am beyond lucky to know a generous friend who can score me tickets to the opening home game of the San Diego Chargers  against the Tennessee Titans on Sept 16 Sunday.  Unfortunately, yesterday marked one of the hottest days of the year for San Diego. As much as I appreciated the sweet seats just 2 rows from the goal post, I had to excuse myself every 10-15 minutes or so to seek a cool breeze and most importantly, shade.

The  Chargers pretty much owned the game by the 2nd Quarter and my friend Eric too ( a hardcore NFL fan) gave in to the heat and suggested we leave by the 3rdquarter . A wise move since we passed by a few paramedics helping out patrons overwhelmed by heat exhaustion.

We discussed if we should head to UTC Westfield Mall but decided against it due to the traffic. We reminisced about this new healthy food placed called Tender Greens.  The menu they served consist of delectable organic salads. Their hotplates are evenly portioned out and I love the specials they do. I ordered the slow roasted pork lions with some mixed greens and baby sprouts.  The server was kind to explain how the plates are created.  Like the calorie content, my proteins and my greens. I feel healthy already just listening to her talk. The simple salads go around $6-7.00 and the hotplates around $11.00-12.00.  Not bad for what they were offering.  If you ever go to UTC, this place is a definite must. The meals a great, healthy and best of all, you don’t leave feeling bloated full. It was just right.

Hot Plate from Tender Greens

After the game me and Eric had a quick dinner and drove to  Marukai located between Balboa and Convoy St.

Marukai is a franchise of Japanese mini groceries and home shops where I often buy my Ponzu sauces and thinly sliced Shabu-Shabu or Sukiyaki meat. I also went and took pictures of ideas for  holiday gift giving, a new article that I will be working in the next few weeks.

Tonight my roommate and I savored a nice sit down meal of Korean Barbecue (using the meat bought from Marukai).  And I only paid $3.80 + tax on meat good for two. If we ate out we would had paid three times my grocery total.

Unfortunately as the evening was winding down, I am starting to feel a bit of a raw feeling at my legs and the back of my neck. I still feel exhausted from the heat exposure of yesterdays game, and we came unprepared (no sunblock) so the burnt feeling I’m getting should be a sunburn of sorts.

For more information about Tender Greens visit

Marukai  San Diego is located at 8111 Balboa Avenue  San Diego, CA 92111


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