Early Holiday browsing at my neigborhood William Sonoma

Selection of Spices from William Sonoma

This month  marks my early pre-planning to do shopping for the holidays. I have a limited budget and would like to take advantage of any awesome deals, sales and unique finds that I could snag. Hitting the mall this early to window shop is a great way to survey what I need to buy. That being said, William Sonoma store is first on my visit list.

My goal is to get my family and friends a gift that they will use and not hopefully stuff at some corner of their shelf.  So unfortunately those Spa-care baskets and fruitcakes are out of the question.  As a failsafe, there’s always giving them food like cupcakes. Luckily most of my friends have a sweet tooth. 

I dropped by William Sonoma today to check out some useful kitchen cutlery, crockery and other flatware. Also they carry an extensive selection of spices, baking butters and bread mixes perfect for the holidays.  Being close to Halloween, they sell jar of pumpkin butter that goes oh so well with pumpkin bread.

However, I was keeping an eye on some rubs and other exotic seasoning.  My friend’s husband is a connoisseur of sorts when it comes to food. He loves to grill and make his own beer. Best of all he LOVES TO EAT.  His wife mentioned to get him some good grill mates and remembered that on their wedding, he invested a lot of kitchen and cooking related items on his wedding registry.

The Hungarian Paprika sounds tempting enough to experiment on. The lemon or orange peels will be a great rub for chicken and steak. I can always purchase them some great dipping oils that doubles as marinade…..yummm now I want those items for myself instead.


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