I was called Fat. So What. Lets Party!!!

“the fatty ain’t here. she can back read sure, then sulk after

I was out for a long time from a Facebook group chat between some “close” friends of mine. And upon my return, the comment above is what greeted me.   I may have mentioned before that I’m starting to have some struggles with my weight. I’m around 15-18lbs overweight. All my clothes are size 10 and yet I’m slowly slipping up to a 12. Since I was 18-25 I always weighed around 98-110lbs regardless of how much I ate and how little I exercised . 

After I hit 26, I started to gain weight gradually. Much to the disappointment of my childhood friends. Normally I didn’t mind but I guess my body is not used to the extra weight, starting with the shortness of breath and some back pains. There’s also the risk of high blood that runs in both sides of my family. The good news is, I can easily lose the bulge, the bad news I lack the motivation and time due to my unpredictable schedule. My friends have taken an interest on my weight, pointing out my diet choice and often bombarding me with exercise plans and different diet programs on a weekly basis.

I’m still finding my fitness routine niche. Most of my friends are weight and fitness concious people that are quite the critic (hence this hidden food blog from them).  And sometimes you would get that one smart ass “friend” that prefers to troll about your weight issues simply because. ” I’m really not concerned about how they feel, about me or anything else. seriously, friends or not.

if they need help, all they need do is ask. I’m not going to give my help because I assume they need it. they don’t ask I assume they can handle it

Suprisingly on any other day, I would be fuming, posting publicly in Facebook how I imagine different versions of him tripping on manure and such, but my mind just went MEH…a sign perhaps that I am no longer letting what other people say affect me. YEY for maturity. Though I know they tend to do the “tough” love approach regarding my bulge, some of their jabs does not really help on the encouragement side.

Karl Strauss Appetizer

On a good note, I have been eating healthy but this week I did a major cheat. One of my female managers after some soul searching decided to leave our company to pursue greener pastures and a dream job for the San Diego Zoo.  She has been dealing with some stress lately and was looking forward into settling in a career which would allow her to be hands on grandmother to her future grandkids.

After some drama at work due to her departure, a few if us ended up in Karl Strauss with some close co-workers, a first for me to hang out with them outside the workplace.  It was soooooo refreshing. Especially after we asked one of the female servers for a cute “Beefcake” for our Manager and boy did she got us a Ryan Gossling look alike as our server.

One of my friends Becca, got enough liquid courage during a dare be everyone’s wingwoman. She even went up to a cute guy I was all googly eyes on to see if he was available…she scared him away lolz.

I did got “checked out” by a guy in a orange shirt, much to the bemusement of my co-workers. I had to think fast so that Becca would not go over the poor man to have him come over our table. But I must say it was indeed a confidence booster.  Not bad for a “fatty” to be able to turn at least one head 🙂

By the way, if ever anyone is in downtown San Diego, Karl Strauss by Columbia St. is the bomb. We went there during the midweek happy hour. They serve daily samples of their choice brews. I’m an Amber fan, not much for the darker beers. And the Piri Piri wings are a must haves.


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