Farmers Market Saturday and Food Truck Mondays

My Saturday weekend started quite early. Normally I sleep in till 11:00 AM or 12:00 noon on my weekends off, but I promised my roommate that I would take her to the local Mercanto or Farmers Market held every Saturday in San Diego’s Little Italy District. It would be best to arrive there early to find decent parking and avoid the heavy crowds. A lot of the good stalls often sell out early too.

I scouted the market the week prior and bought myself some pesto goodies.  I ran out of the Buckwheat Honey from the Mikolich Family Farms after using the small sample bottle I bought as a steak marinade.  And I was looking forward to sample some Bitchin Dips and various humus around the market.

Little Italy Mercando Finds

Berries, Caramel Sauce, Flora and Jams

I was very pleased that my roommate Emmy was pleased each stall we visited.  Between us she purchased a jar of Vanilla Caramel jam from Praline Patisserie, some figs, fresh grapefruit juice and fell inlove with some cherry tomatoes.While I indulged myself with some freshly squeezed tangerine juice, Sage Honey, and shared with Emmy a purchase of homemade tropical peach and pineapple jam. We headed to the local supermarket afterwards to buy some home necessities. Namely some salmon, cat food, bread and pita chips for the caramel and jam. I was able to make a tangy vinaigrette marinade for the salmon using a bit of the jam and caramel added with a balsamic vinaigrette I bought last week from the same farmers market. And I must say, not bad for experimenting with new flavors on baking fish :)The trip was perfect for me since I was scouring the stalls for holiday gift ideas to mail out.I sent a thank you letter to the Praline company for their wonderful creations which was promptly responded. Sunday was quite uneventful. I slept through most of the day and left only to attend Sunday Service.  I was dreading Monday due to some bad news I received back on Friday, not to mention we were quite short staffed that day.September 10th Monday rolled in and sure enough we had a fewer staff on deck. I was running bout doing a few errands. My boss was kind enough to ask me and another manager out for a special lunch…we had a food truck out in the park.

Around 5:30 PM, me and Eric arrived at school parking lot around where around 8-9 trucks have gathered. I noticed several local trucks not present as I have often looked forward in eating here when possible. I regarded the absence as a result of the trucks being hired on for other tailgate parties around the county due to the football game.I met with an all organic food truck owner whose truck run on vegetable oil and the forks were made of recycled/processed potatoes. The Satay Chicken truck was lacking of its Pad Thai noodles due to a new recipe change but they advertised a a Spicy Drunken Chicken Challenge which 42 so far has lost. I settled with a small order of Korean Beef taco and Bulgogi Slider from Tabe.  And some melon and cherry cocktail from the Thai food truck (non-alcoholic).