Ms. Unfortunate Circumstance Strikes Again

I posted before that I have terrible luck. My Wednesday seems to be one of those rare days, I got up on the right side of the bed. My work offered a 50% discount with a local spa, the charity event for my chosen organization went really well, our company had a blast raising money for a Pie Toss Your Boss day.

when everything winded down, I booked an appointment for a 50 min relaxation and basked in the sweet, sweet joy of the steam room. I enjoyed the massage from Aqua. Though I should have choses a deep tissue massage, I opted for the more affordable “relaxation” package.   It was different from Swedish, the touch was lighter as if  lulling you to sleep. And sleep I did, almost makes me felt bad wishing I was awake to enjoy the rest of my minutes.

Just as I was de-stressed, I happily walked back to my car, when I noticed something different with my car alarm sound. It was already 7:30 PM but there was still some light outside so I did not think much. I was parked on supposedly secure parking spot.

When I opened my door, there was this funny looking keychain sitting on top of the drivers seat. I thought that since I settled my bag down a few seconds ago, the bottom of my bag must have snagged some random item. It was when I was sitting down that I noticed my glove compartment ajar. All ist contents spilled to my passengers side. My back passenger side door was unlocked and the backseat was a mess.

I grabbed my bags, alarmed the car and ran straight to the elevator. I was not going to wait if the suspect was still lurking about.

I proceeded to the Parking Office, where I met the manager. She then alerted my company’s security detail. Pat who was on shift that time, knew me well and escorted me back to my car. The two of them inspected my vehicle for possible forced entry. I realized my trunk was popped open too. Being it was dark, I could not see if anything was taken (The next day I did noticed my Father’s fishing pole was missing).

There was nothing of significant value taken from my car. They totally trashed my glove compartment, ripping out my Car registration information and littering it on the floor. I was concerned who ever that was may now know where I live and would try to find me.  surprisingly they did not take the car stereo which was pretty brand new. They did take an auxiliary cable that connects my iphone to the stereo.

Pat gave me instructions to file a police report. I was hoping the parking lot camera would have caught something. I went home, called a friend to stay over and was pretty much still shaken up the next day. I had meetings lined up all Thursday and I was not myself at all.

I did the police report and a nice officer came to investigate my car. The Parking Office was closed so he was not able to meet with the manager to review the surveillance tapes. He gave me his card and case number.  Luckily  the parking Manager met up with me and we reviewed the video. Unfortunately, my vehicle was out of sight from the camera’s angle so theres no useful evidence that can be found.

As if the fates where taunting me, Nicky finally wrote me quite a scathing letter. Thats what I did — The Hidden Post was bullshit and I was drawing attention to myself out of pity and that I made her look bad to our friends. She even went as far to talk to my BFF…whatever her reason was is beyond me.  If anyone read my last post, nothing in my post suggested that she was mistreating me, though I did said I questioned if MY OWN ACTIONS has cause me to alienate myself from friends. I was picking on myself. I was telling myself that I was stupid and I admitted that I have poor choice of friends…which was NOT NICKY. She then proceeded to say, If I want to make it right i should act better and tell herself my opinions (which when I do, she does not take lightly to criticisms)   The whole drama was soo highschool and sooooooo didn’t need it.  I needed to take care  about my car break in—someone knows where I live problem.   To some, my fear and paranoia may be petty. I havent had my car broken into and vandalized before. There was one incident my cellphone was stolen…it was human error, my friend did not lock my doors. But this latest was all on me. My car was trashed on a place I thought I would be safe. And I felt VERY ALONE.

Not wanting to deal with peopleclaiming that Im doing the pity party and partially hiding from potential stalkers (my co-workers suggested that what happened seemed more like of a personal vendetta), I decided to deactivate my Facebook.  To post how I feel there is like a magnet to trouble. What I needed is some time to let things sort out.

The sad and somewhat expected response I received was silence.  No one asked me (besides family) if I was ok, or why I left Facebook. There was no calls, no IM, no texts.  Nada.

At church today, I came in with a heavy and hard heart.  I did not want to worry my Dad, but by need of comfort and protocol I called him to tell him what happened and that I am fine. He said to come home.  Its not yet time, I told him but how I miss him dearly.

There’s no telling what tomorrow will be like. Everyday is always different and for me it seems to get harder and harder. The blogging has been somewhat therapeutic, a sense of comfort on such trying days.


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