Goodbye Mr. Duncan, Labor on Labor Day, Clip of Youth and a Burger

I was one of the few unfortunate ones that had to work on Labor day. it did not help that half of the workforce  called in a PTO for the long weekend. The cafeteria was quiet and I was able to do some progressive work untill our network crashed.

I was also saddened by the news of the sudden death of actor Michael Clarke Duncan. I have always been a fan of his work since Green Mile and as Kingpin in the DareDevil film. He suffered a massive heart attack back in July and was quickly rushed to the hospital by his fiancee. It seems as if he never truly recovered from the incident. News reports says that he became a vegetarian since 3 years ago in order to improve his health. He will be missed by many in the entertainment industry and by me.

After some filing and tweaking of a powerpoint presentation for the big All Hands meeting on Wednesday , I hopped to my car and hoped my roommate will be home so that I we can share some homemade grilled bacon cheese burgers. Unfortunately she wasn’t so I ended up making a quarter pounder all to myself.

Hair Clip of youth :)

Sometimes the little things do make the biggest difference

Since my bangs has been giving me much trouble lately I decided to clip one side of my hair and noticed a significant change in my feature by wearing a simple black hairclip.  It took for some reason, a few years off my age, and gave me a younger, cuter (almost highschool like) hairstyle. Not sure if I plan to keep the do, I had it once during college and it was my signature hairpiece.  Perhaps I’m just overthinking it as I wind down the last few hours of Labor Day


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