The great blog theme find and Fantasy Football

My on and off again significant other woke me up today at 9:00 am for a 1:00 PM appointment. It was my Sunday off before I head off to work on Labor Day (bohoo). Ironically, the said appointment is at a sports bar right next to my work and was about doing a live draft for Fantasy Football.

I am not particularly fond of football or any sports in particular.  I find football too confusing to follow and living with a circle of family and friends predominantly male (and NFL fans) made my Sunday afternoons too testosterone and scream at the tv filled.  Amazingly the last few years of forcibly watching the games on TV, hearing commentaries of players on the news and radio has given me some range of understanding of the game and players.

My partner “Eric” invited my roommate to join his Fantasy League which included his brother, some co workers, best friend and his mom. Unfortunately she could not join since she would be up in Las Vegas for the long weekend with family. I was voluntold to be her proxy and pick her draft.  Of the 8 people I was 7th  in line to do my pick. There was some expectation from the group that I will be picking random players which I have no knowledge of. In the picture above- mine is the one with Drew Brees as QB.  As you can see, my picks were not great but not bad either. I got quite a lot of teasing for choosing Roethlitsberger as my 2nd QB.

Eric complimented me later on for a first timer that I did well in picking my drafts. He was particularly eyeing my Wide Receiver Justin Blackmon which I surprisingly selected after hearing by passing on the radio some positive feedback on his plays.  I did not tell him that I have been taking notice of sports analaysts reviews of players during trianing and the pre-season games (which is btw all over the local news)

We spent a good 3 hours at the sports bar, snacking on chicken wings and  deep fried pickles before separating with the group. Eric, being the ever NFL fan he was, could not stop texting and commenting about the picks made.  He spent his non-driving moments staring at his iphone, calling league members and just babbling about Fantasy this and Fantasy that.  I tried to coax him out of a normal conversation by bribing him subtly with sweets. I suggested we headed to Little Italy, to a restaurant called Cafe Zucherros that had awesome gelato and mini cakes.

Unfortunately, even though I spent 10$ on cakes (I bought his mom a small slice) I was still greeted with his iphone blocking his face and Eric not hearing me in any questions I asked him. He was in NFL Lala land.

After we got home, I decided to upload my photos today in instagram and through my 2 blogs.   I decided that it was time to change my Tumblr layout. Took me 2 hours to navigate through their Themes site for a decent looking layout. One I found had its fonts all in White that blended way too well with the background. I’m settling with a simple green setting till I find another layout that would suit me 🙂

For now its time to call it a night. Happy Labor Day Ya’all


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