Deciding on a new blog and a new outlet

I’ve had a few blogs before. The first being in the now defunct Friendster. Next was Blogger which became part of the Google family and my Facebook account which has been pretty much the world I revolve around in.  It took me a good 2 hours to find a blog that I can call home. I decided on 2. WordPress and Tumblr. Will experiment on both untill one suits me just fine.

Lately my latest posts in Facebook has caused some negative feedbacks amongst friends. Being that I live quite far away from the nearest family member and closest buds, having that shoulder to cry on advantage is not really an option. And unfortunately even posting ” I had a bad day.” on my FB wall will draw the ire of a lot of people.

A good friend of mine asked if I ever blogged. I said yes but it has been a long while. She suggested to create a new blog annonymous to my friends as a way to post my thoughts and frustrations. A way that I can share life without the prejudice of friends or frenemies. I laughed and said ” Then it will be the whole world that finds me who would will pick on me.”

But, I considered her advice and hopefully, unlike my house plants I can keep this one alive .

So here’s to WordPress and Tumblr (may the best site win) and a start of a new written adventure


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